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Prayer Forum Purpose & Decorum
« on: February 03, 2011, 06:35:28 PM »
The Prayer Forum is an area set aside at for the purpose of requesting prayers for health, repose, help, guidance, and other things, as well as giving praise to God for His work in our lives.  It is as close as we get to sacred space here, and is to be respected as a haven for those who are in need of God's help and mercy.  We encourage everyone to ask for prayer, to pray for those making requests, and to give glory to God for those blessings that He's rendered to you; you will of course understand if the fundamental understanding is that these prayers and praise will be approached from an Orthodox POV and worldview.

To this end, the only posts appropriate to this forum are posts asking for prayer, giving praise for God's glory, work, and mercy, and posts of prayer.  There should be no posts soliciting or starting debate - we have other areas of the forum for that.  There should be no posts questioning the intention of the person asking for prayer - the moderators will evaluate the posts themselves; if you have your doubts, use the "report to moderator" link at the bottom-right corner of the post in question.  Remember, just as we are all at different places in our spiritual journeys, so too are the users who are posting their prayer requests also at different spiritual points, and their requests will reflect that.

We ask that if you're praying for someone who is Orthodox, that you include their baptismal name if possible, and that if you're praying for someone who is not Orthodox, to indicate so.  This is not to segregate our offerings, or to indicate that one person is more worthy than others; rather, it is a practical consideration, as we have many clergymen who post on this site and who attempt to pray for the people here - we need to know who is Orthodox and who is not, so we can pray for everyone (again, everyone) at an appropriate time.  While we do ask for names, we still (as we do everywhere else on the forum) discourage you from posting sensitive personal information (last names, email addresses, addresses or phone numbers, photographs, etc.) - since this forum is in the public area of, it is regularly visited by web crawlers and spammers looking for information to use/abuse.

We thank you for understanding our policy, and ask you to PM the current Administrator, Global Moderator or any one of the mods, if you have a question about it.  Thank you!
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