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Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
« on: January 30, 2011, 06:25:20 AM »
I am desperate for help. I live in Cyprus and for the last 2years I am in a relationship with a man called Giwrgos.. he is orthodox Christian but I believe that his faith is not very strong right now, and he is not walking in the light right now. Giwrgos is my fiance and we were planning to marry soon, we live together next to his parents and  brothers and I know it is a sin that we live together before we are actually married but we have supervision and guidance from his family. I love Giwrgos so much, in the past he was in the wilderness, more so than now I can say, and made many bad decisions and false friends and took some wrong paths. But we came together, and he opened his heart to me and started again on what I believe was the right path. He has no desire, he told me to return to his old ways. He got a good job, works hard and and really started to open up to me. He opened up to me about the pain in his past, I believe he still has alot of pain inside. I have been trying for 2years to help him, I have tried with all my heart to show him the right way, to walk with God, and to give his pain back to God, and to look forward. Even though myself, I have pain inside from my past, I have never really shared it with Giwrgos because I believed he couldn't handle it. Instead I believe through keeping my own pain from him, I have drawn closer to God through seeing the LORD as my rock. And I believe it was my job to use my love for my fiance to guide him in the right way. I have been reading the Bible to him, and I have seen great progression in him and I felt he has become a much happier, more secure person.

My family live in the UK, one week ago I came without Giwrgos to the UK for 3days to visit my father. When I arrived back home to Cyprus, Giwrgos was different, he seemed moody and withdrawn, and like he had something on his mind. I asked him several times for several days to tell me when he was ready, I told him to share his problem with me so I can understand and stand by him and help him. He didn't tell me for the first few days, I just assumed he wasn't ready, so I sat praying to God to give Giwrgos the strength to open up to me. On Tuesday morning, he did... He told me he has been lieing to me, he told me we don't have money in the bank, that we owe alot of money, and that he has failed financially. and that the business is going down, and it's possible we will lose the car etc. His father had recieved a letter when I was in UK about our financial problems, that he had kept secret and had got so angry and practically disowned him. Giwrgos has never had a good relationship with his father, he has alot of pain from his father's absence in the past, and right now Giwrgos' parents are going through a bad divorce, and I feel Giwrgos is very distressed about that. Giwrgos continued to tell me that he is so confused and that he feels so many things right now, and doesn't know what to do, that the pressure of the situation has got to much, and he needs time to think alone. I was shocked, I pleaded with him at first. I told him that money is nothing compared to our love, and that we will stand together strong to face this situation together with the help of the Lord. I told him God will find a way to help us, and that money is really nothing.. I told him, what is money..we won't take it to heaven with us when we die. He told me he needed time to think. I asked him to go to the Church, the next day he went to ST Giwrgos church and I prayed and prayed that while there in the Church God would put his hand on him and show him the right way. I believed God would show Giwrgos not to throw away love in the name of money.

Giwrgos came back from the Church on wednesday and he told me he had lit a candle, and prayed with all his heart, and that his answer was that he needs time from me, to be alone.. and to see what he wants. I was heartbroken, but I prayed to God for strength and understanding, andd the strength to accept his will. Giwrgos told me he wants me to go in UK for some time, until our heads are clear. I am heartbroken, I feel he has thrown me out from my own home. , I have said to him on Thursday "Giwrgos I love you with all my heart, but I also have to have respect formyself and see what I want after you have done this to me,". I know I can forgive him forn this, because I love him so much. But I am afraid, I am afraid that he doesn't see his mistake, that he goes again in the wrong way. Last night he took me to the airport with his mother, and he cried, I didn't cry, I just prayed for strength and I believe God gave it to me. Because I walked away with respect, and didn't cry and stayed strong. Giwrgos acted like it was all my fault at the aiport, he cried and said I can't believe you're doing this to me. !!! "This was your choice!" I told him. He is the one that asked for this break.. numerous times, and now he's acting like I've abandoned him. I don't know what is the truth, if he didn't think before he spoke, if we will come back together or no..I don't know. But I know I am hurting so much right now inside. I am here with my family now, it's difficult because my family can't give me Christian advice, they are not Christians. I have closed my phone so I don't know if he has contacted me, I suspect not yet. I arrived last night and prayed until I was exhausted and fell asleep;. I need guidance, I want Giwrgos to be ok, I want God to help him to discover what really is important. He said so many things to me,he also wanted me to leave all of my posessions there in our home, i don't know why. To feel secure I will go back to him??? Please give me Christian advice, and please pray for me to find strength and to accept the will of God, and to pray for Giwrgos to find understanding and peace and for God to guide him in the right way. I tried to stand next to Giwrgos, but he has pushed me away in 1 week. Now all I can do is pray.
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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Господе Помилуjи....Амин Амин
Lord Have Mercy....Amen Amen
Kirije Elejison.....Amin Amin
It's not easy giving advice, when the heart is involved.....
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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy on Lea and Giwrgos.  Thy will be done!  Thy holy will be done!! They glorious holy will be done!
In His Mercy,

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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Thankyou both for praying for me. Thankyou.
God is giving me strength.

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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Lord have Mercy.

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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Lord have mercy.

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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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God be with you, dear!

It may be of help to your soul to visit a monastery. There is one, St. John the Baptist in Sussex (I think), founded by the holy elder Sophrony. He lived on Mt. Athos for a while and was a disciple of St. Silouan. He is departed now to God, but his relics are there and you can pray to him.
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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Lord, have mercy!
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Re: Please pray for me and give me advice me advice in my situation
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Lord, have mercy!
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