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Discussing Homosexuality
« on: January 27, 2011, 12:13:02 PM »
I just read the policy here:,29884.0.html

I understand in another thread, people are wondering whether it's "safe" to discuss unprecedented views of homosexuality among those who even have an Orthodox leaning of theology.

In my experience here, people have discussed views openly as long as it's done respectfully and in the correct section of  I think people here are curious to know the views of others.  I have enjoyed discussions on evolution, atheism, politics, EO/OO debates, female priesthood and though things get heated, and I may get very angry sometimes in my posts, I hope we try to understand that no one here should feel "threatened" to discuss an issue everyone needs to understand.

We've actually discussed homosexuality several times before.  One very notably, was GiC (before he became an atheist) who took "devil's advocate" supporting homosexuality (although really he was challenging us at the time, not necessarily advocating it).

Perhaps, Deusveritasest, we are simply all curious and confused of your position.  In this forum, where atheists, pro-female priests, Orthoducks, etc. are all welcome to provide even very crazy opinions.  I'm not saying you're crazy or you're part of that group, but I personally don't see the harm in starting a thread, I believe in the "Free-for-all" section, to discuss and debate your views.

God bless.
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