Author Topic: Wave of repression continues in Europe  (Read 1063 times)

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Wave of repression continues in Europe
« on: April 27, 2004, 07:16:22 PM »
A wave of repression by Liberal governments and the radical left-wing terrorism continues in Europe.

Since last week I've been informed of the acts of persecution against the militants of Forta Noua Party in Italy.

The leftist violence started last week, when communist gangs irrupted while a peaceful protest planned with all the necessary permissions, by Forta Noua, was taking place, causing several injured people including women.

Apparently, the Italian government, instead of protecting the security of people in the streets and the right of freedom of speech, started a campaign against this political minority arresting several of its members throughout the country.

Yesterday, the building of Forta Noua was burned by an unidentified gang of radicals (of course, none of the "idealistic" students was arrested).

It seems that the men who hold the power in several European countries, are preparing the field waiting for patriots of the countries to respond against the agressions, and get the chance to respress them in a "legal" way.

It's very interesting that while this is happening there. We have dozens of European anarchists in the Mexican territory of Chiapas, supporting the US-funded EZLN "denouncing" the intolerance of Mexicans against the local people of the southern lands.
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