Author Topic: Halki Seminary to reopen? Deputy PM of Turkey says it may be possible  (Read 799 times)

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The Halki Seminary, which once flourished as a school for Orthodox clergy, has been closed since 1971. Now, according to the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, there is a possibility the facility may open again.

From the article:
“There are some legal obstacles in front of us. We will overcome them. This is not something we can grant. We need to do what the law requires us to do,” (Deputy PM Bülent Arınç) said during his visit to Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians around the world. Arınç, however, did not specify what these obstacles are, though he did say some of them stem from international agreements and some are related to domestic matters.
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Re: Halki Seminary to reopen? Deputy PM of Turkey says it may be possible
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I'm not convinced; this has been part of the rhetorical wheel from Ankara for years, present (shocking!) developments notwithstanding (i.e. giving deed to the Patriarchate, thereby de facto treating them as if they are a formal organization/institution).
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