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List of US Orthodox Bishops (ruling and auxiliary) - Information Only, No debate

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Fr. George:
San Francisco (GOA)
Courtesy of:

Bishop Kallistos (Papageorgapoulos) of San Francisco - 1927-1940
Bishop Eirinaios (Tsourounakis) of San Francisco - 1941-1944
Bishop Athenagoras (Kokkinakis) of Elaia - 1950-1955
Bishop Demetrios (Makris) of Olympus - 1955-1968
Bishop Meletios (Tripodakis) of Christianoupolis - 1968-1979
Bishop Anthony (Gergiannakis) of San Francisco - 1979-2004
November 1997: Bishop Anthony becomes Metropolitan
December 2002: Diocese becomes Metropolis

Metropolitan Gerasimos (Michaleas) of San Francisco - 2004-Pres.

ACROD, Johnstown, PA -  Under the omophor of the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Bishop Orestes (Chornock) - 1938, elevated to titular Metropolitan 1968, died 1977.

Bishop Peter (Shymansky) - auxiliary, 1963-1964

Bishop Methodius (Kanchuka) - auxilary, 1964-1965

Bishop John (Martin) - auxiliary, 1964-1977, Bishop 1977-1984

Bishop Nicholas (Smisko), consecrated for the EP Ukrainian's in America, 1983, elected Bishop of Carpatho-Russian Church, 1985, elevated to Metropolitan, 1995- present.

Fr. George:
GOA "Archbishops of America"

For ease of use and copying, I've used the Ortho Wiki list:

Bishop Alexander (Demoglou) of Rodostolon, 1918-1922 - Representative of the CoG in the US
Archbishop Alexander (Demoglou) of America, 1922-1930 - Became Archbishop of the newly chartered GOA.
Archbishop Athenagoras (Spyrou) of America, 1931-1948 - Formerly Metropolitan of Corfu; became Ecumenical Patriarch.
Archbishop Michael (Konstantinides) of America, 1949-1958 - Formerly Metropolitan of Corinth; died "in office."
Bishop Germanos (Polyzoides) of Hierapolis, 1958-1959 - Locum tenens.
Archbishop Iakovos (Coucouzis) of America, 1959-1996 - Formerly Bishop and Metropolitan of Melita; Retired to NY.
Archbishop Spyridon (Papageorge) of America, 1996-1999 - Formerly Bishop of Apamea and Metropolitan of Italy; "Retired" to Portugal.
Archbishop Demetrios (Trakatellis) of America, 1999-present - Formerly Bishop of Vresthena, professor at HC/HC and Harvard, and a resident scholar for the Archdiocese of Athens.

Fr. George:
I'll update this post later, but the original GOA 5th District (although I think in a few sources it is incorrectly identified as the 6th) was in Charlotte, NC.  I haven't as yet found a lot of information about its bishops.
Bishop Germanos (Polyzoides) of Hierapolis - 5th District (Charlotte): Post WWII to ??.  He either was replaced when he moved to NY to publish the Observer, or (like others who had to move elsewhere) he continued to administer the diocese.  He retired from active service in 1963.  According to the NY Times headline quoted in the sources for the Wiki article, in '41 he was ordained to be the bishop of the 2nd District (Chicago).

5th District became Diocese of Charlotte in '79, then Diocese of Atlanta in '80.

John of the North:
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Metropolitan Germanos (Shehadi), 1919-1924, Acting Hierarch until the UOCC received their first bishop
Archbishop John (Theodorovych), Acting Primate, 1924-1947, resigned due to irregularities regarding his episcopal consecration

Archbishop of Winnipeg
Archbishop Mstyslav (Skrypnyk), Primate (1947-1949), resigned

Archbishop of Winnipeg and the Central Eparchy, Metropolitan of Canada
Metropolitan Ilarion (Ohienko) - (1951-1972), reposed
Metropolitan Michael (Khoroshy) - 1972-1975, resigned
Metropolitan Andrew (Metiuk) - 1975-1985, reposed
Metropolitan Wasyly (Fedak) - 1985-2005, reposed
Metropolitan John (Stinka) - 2005-2010, retired
Metropolitan Yurij (Kalistchuk) - 2010-Present

Bishop of Toronto and the Eastern Eparchy
Archbishop Michael (Khoroshy) - 1951-1972, 1975-1977, reposed
Archbishop Mykola (Debryn) - 1977-1981, reposed
Archbishop Wasyly (Fedak) - 1982-1985, elected Metropolitan
Archbishop Yurij (Kalistchuk) - 1995-2010, elected Metropolitan

Bishop of Edmonton and the Western Eparchy
Archbishop Andrew (Metiuk) - 1958-1975, elected Metropolitan
Archbishop Boris (Yakovkevych) - 1975-1983, reposed
Archbishop John (Stinka) - 1985-2006, elected Metropolitan
Bishop Ilarion (Rudnyk) - 2008-Present

Bishop of Saskatoon, Vicar Bishop of the Central Eparchy
Archbishop Boris (Yakovkevych) - 1963-1975, elected Bishop of Western Eparchy
Archbishop Wasyly (Fedak) - 1978-1982, elected Bishop of Eastern Eparchy
Archbishop John (Stinka) - 1983-1985, elected Bishop of Western Eparchy
Archbishop Yurij (Kalistchuk) - 1989-1995, elected Bishop of Eastern Eparchy
Bishop Andrij (Peshko) - 2008-Present


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