Author Topic: 100-year anniversary of prayer book for Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Christians  (Read 2848 times)

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The prayer book 'Pambakuda Namaskaram,' has remained in use by the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in India for 100 years. This anniversary was marked with warm celebrations at St. Mary's Cathedral in Kandanad on Monday.  :angel:

From the article:
Mor Barnabas Geevarghese Metropolitan presided over the public meeting. Former additional chief secretary D Babu Paul was the main speaker on the occasion.

The Pambakuda Namaskaram was first published in 1910 by the then Malankara Malpan Konattu Mathen Cor Episcopa with the permission of Mor Ignatius Abdedaloho II Patriarch by translating some parts of the ancient Syrian prayer book.
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I wanted to provide a clarification. The book of common prayers (sheema) has been in the Syriac Orthodox Church for centuries. This 100 year celeberation is the translation of these prayers from Syriac to the South Indian language of Malayalam.  This translation happened in 1910.