Author Topic: Attendance at a Western Rite Church  (Read 21487 times)

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Re: Attendance at a Western Rite Church
« Reply #135 on: January 12, 2011, 05:44:19 PM »
I don't attend a Western Rites parish, but when I lived in Michigan I greatly enjoyed going to Holy Incarnation, the Roman Rite mission in metro Detroit, for new style Nativity. I'm mostly Dutch-American and there was something about worshiping the way my Orthodox Christian ancestors did that was really uplifting.

I know that faith matters more than rite, but to be able to be at a service and have the sense of belonging that Russians, Copts, et cetera, have all the time is nice for a convert every once in a while :-). (Especially one who's been asked his ethnicity over and over again in churches and has been looked down upon from time to time for not being the 'right' ethnicity.)