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New Policy for this folder
« on: June 24, 2004, 01:59:47 PM »
Here is our new policy. The policies are effective immediately; prescriptions will begin on Saturday.

Let's keep working together to make this a pleasant place to dialogue and debate.

~The team.

The Non-Chalcedonian folder is renamed the Oriental Orthodox folder, and its purpose is to discuss specifically Oriental Orthodox topics such as history, liturgy, saints, praxis, and inter-OO affairs.

In the Oriental Orthodox folder, discussion about Chalcedon is prohibited because in the past, such discussion has had a negative history, has caused the hijacking of other threads, and has led to the controversialization of otherwise non-controversial topics.

The Faith folder has always existed as a place where debate about questions of the faith could be held.  Even between fellow Eastern Orthodox members, debate about such issues as Old vs. New Calendar and toll-houses has occurred in a spirit of charitable discourse.  In the same vein, discussions of Chalcedon and related matters between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox will now be held exclusively in this folder, and will be carried out in the spirit of academic discourse.

We recognize that for some, Old vs. New Calendar, toll-houses, and other specifically inter-Eastern Orthodox issues are not on the same par as the debate about the Council of Chalcedon.  It is still the position of this forum that no one is required to accept the viewpoint that Eastern and Oriental Orthodox are both Orthodox, and debate about these issues is permissible as long as the quality of the discussions is academic.

Practically speaking, academic discussion means not referring to figures on your side as "St. so and so" while referring to figures of the other party as "the heretic so and so."  Instead, as with standard academic discourse, all historical figures will be referred to by name and location only, for instance "Leo of Rome" and "Dioscoros of Alexandria." It is presumed that posters reflect the position of faith of their Communion; for instance, it is presumed that an Eastern Orthodox member regards Chalcedon as an ecumenical and God-inspired council, while an Oriental Orthodox member regards Discoros of Alexandria as a teacher of the faith.  Therefore, it is not necessary for posters to continuously and aggressively point out the obvious in respect to the enumeration of councils, recognition of saints, etc.


If threads are hijacked, posts will be deleted at our discretion.

If a thread is started with what we determine to be a loaded question, we reserve the right to delete it.

If a post is made with a derogatory comment within otherwise profitable discourse, we reserve the right to edit out the derogatory comment at our discretion without deleting the entire post if we deem that appropriate.

We the administrators and moderators are not always able to read each and every post despite our sincerest efforts to do so.  Lack of action against a violator shall not be construed as a tacit approval of the violation and posters are encouraged to notify the administrators and moderators of their concerns via the "report post function."

There will be a tiered moderation system.  The first abuse will be dealt with via private message to the perceived offender.  Following this, upon a second offense, a public rebuke by the administrators of moderators shall ensue.  If the poster follows through with a third offense, a warning will be issued to last one week.  Finally, if the poster continues a forth time to disregard the policies written here, s/he will be banned for a period of time to be agreed upon by the moderating team of, at our sole discretion including permanent banning.

Effective June 24, 2004.
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