Author Topic: saving the Paschal flame?!  (Read 6185 times)

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Re: saving the Paschal flame?!
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That's what I get for reading the more recent posts first.  I do the same thing with my emails and get foot in mouth disease.   :P

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Re: saving the Paschal flame?!
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LOL!  Father, I think You come here for some comic relief, after grading too many papers!  ;)
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Re: saving the Paschal flame?!
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We don't save the paschal flame at my parish. As Father opens the doors and begins singing the Paschal Canon, the head usher dryly announces: "Everyone put your candles in this box." (Probably to confine Waxmageddon to the Narthex and not spread the love throughout the whole church.)

It sounds like a lovely tradition though.

Yes but all other candles are lit in the church from that flame.  You can light glass vigil candle from the one you are carrying before blown out or go and get from candles in stands/sand or lampadas and is same light.   

I wish, father! All our candles are lit with a barbecue lighter, including the main 7-day votive candle that is replaced weekly, which is blown out and the new one relit with the aforementioned lighter. :( It's just a little thing, but it seems like a nice tradition.

My parish is still learning about these things after decades of severe liturgical laxity, occasionally bordering on abuse. I'm told they only used electric candles for many, many years. The Old Guard is still getting used to these waxy innovations...
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