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Here's a (5-year old) video that I would like to share with you all. It's really moving for me as a Black American and I can safely say that this video is what motivated me to learn more about Orthodoxy. This video, entitled "Ancient Christianity and the African-American Conference" answers the question of whether Christianity is a "white man's religion" (in the words of Malcolm X in 1964 - he is featured at the video's start). It also deals with some of the history of Christianity in Africa during and (after) the Apostolic Times. I strongly encourage every Orthodox (or non-Orthodox) Christian and any African-American who is reading this now to see this because it's so good. Here's the link:

And here's the video info:
A 12 minute overview of the Orthodox Christian conference begun in Kansas City, MO. It answers the question "Is Christianity a white man's religion?" These conferences enable African Americans to discover more about ancient Christianity and Orthodox Christians to appreciate the many contributions of African Christianity. See for more information.

Featured in this video are Fr. Moses Berry (an African American East Orthodox Priest) and other members of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black (a pan-Orthodox non-for-profit group) and The St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church.

More info found here:

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