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Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
« on: August 22, 2010, 12:52:13 PM »
I have two issues that are really bothering me. I moved to where I live now about 13 months ago. I originally went to a serbian mission parish which was great, however, my wife didn't like it, however, she liked the greek parish. So I went to the serbian mission for about 8 months and the priest was thankfully transferred to a larger mission. So the mission was dissolved. However, the whole time I went to the Serbian Mission I would also go to the Greek Parish whenever my priest was not available or when it was having a service and the mission wasn't. So even before I joined the greek parish I went their quite a bit. Now no one there is from Greece they all seem to be 2nd -4th generation greek americans. So I joined the parish about 2 months ago even though I don't know Greek (and they use alot of it) so that my wife would be happy and more likely to go. The services are good I am getting reacquianted with the greek, my problem is that they are not a friendly bunch. I have gone for 7-9 Sundays now and no one will speak to me. I tried to day to strike up several conversations with no luck. I had also hoped to speak with the priest as we have never had an in depth conversation and I figured he would want to get to know a new parishnor. He did say hello but then kept on walking and started a conversation with someone else, so i waited and then he started another conversation with someone else. He warmly embraced and talked to both these people for quite a while. I don't think I can stay in a Church where I am a non entity and an outcast.

Now on to my second dilema. I have great difficulty getting my wife to go to Church. She suffers from an anxiety disorder, she has always been a really nervous/ shy person. I figured it was because she was young and from a overly protective family. The serbian mission was too small and intimate she would have really bad panic attacks. There is another Church we tried but it had too many people and was too crowded again she had bad panic attacks. However, she felt good at the greek church however since we joined I haven't been able to get her to go there is always an excuse, I am tired of it. I have no idea what I am suppose to do or what God is asking of me. Please pray for me and any advise would be greatly appreciated.  
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Re: Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
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Lord, have mercy on ICXNIKA and his wife!
Love never fails.

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Re: Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
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Lord, have mercy!
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Re: Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
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Lord, have mercy!
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Re: Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
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Lord have Mercy.....Amen
Lord Bless and Heal your wife and grant you Peace....Amen Amen

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Re: Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
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Lord Have Mercy

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Re: Asking for your prayers for guidance and strength
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Lord, have mercy!
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