Author Topic: Relics stored in Saint Sophia in Kyiv don’t belong to Prince Yaroslav the Wise  (Read 915 times)

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Traditionally it is known that relics of Grand Prince of Rus Yaroslav the Wise  are stored special sarcophagus in Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv. After tomography, anthropological and other studies appeared that relics of the sarcophagus are the remains of a woman.


The place where are the holy relics of Yaroslav the Wise is not known. They disappeared between 1940 and 2009 year. There is a hypothesis that in 1943 the relics were brought to Yaroslav abroad and now kept in the Ukrainian diaspora (in Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA under the Patriarchate of Constantinople).


That's interesting.
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That's fascinating, Mike! So, the hypothesis is that the relics could belong to Prince Yaroslav's wife Ingegerd.
Which would, in a sense be very fitting, as, according to this article, she it was who initiated the building of the St. Sophia in Kyiv...
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