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Who We Really are the U.A.O.C. OF N. and S.America.
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 Archbishop                                                         Alexy.                              

                              Historic Document of Tomas
                             Granted by U.A.O.C in Ukraine.
                               After the Funeral of
                              His Holiness Patriarch
                          +. Dmitri (Volodymyr Jarema)
                               Dmitri (Volodymyr Jarema    
                        +.  Eeternal! Vichnaya Pamyat!  
 To all who read this Peace in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

         After the break away from the Soviet Union the Hierarchy of the U.A.O.C as well as others were concerned that there would be clashes of churches as well as the total destruction of our beloved U.A.O.C.      
A meetings took place in Western Ukraine with only a hand picked number of people present.   His Holiness.
2 Metropolitans 3 lay persons from Livi and myself. Along with a close friend of His Holiness from the M.P.  he was a reporter to attest that this did take place. This meeting was not known to anyone only to thoses who attended and they were sworn not to discuss the meeting with anyone at all no matter who it was, Patriarch Dmrtri,
    Was a very smart man who explained to me how things were done during the war, he said quote:  this way was used mainly with the Greek Catholic Church, I have heard of the underground churches and the Bishops who were conscrated during the war,but I was assured in some cases as this one, they said it was better to meet this way. In a apartment not far from the center of Lviv we sat in a small room to talk about the future of the church. After a hour or so the issue of the Patriarchates financial structure

 came up, I could feel the tenson in the room and I asked to be excused wich was granted another 2 hours and the meeting was over. I returned back to America with all the documents on my person the next day with my deacon.

                       Back home in America:
Cleveland Orthodox Clergy councial slandered me for years,the funny part is I only met a few in my life but that’s another story.
As far as Boundbrook goes I have never spoken to them,but I can say that Metropolitan Constatine is the most kindness person and a Great Shepard. I have spoken to him only a few words at funerals or holidays when he was at His Cathedral in Parma Ohio, and it was him who really lead me to the priesthood, his example to me was one of a Very Kind and Holyman.
 Everytime I wanted to confront any clergy about slandering me,they would run and not speak to me to me a man would speak face to face with someone they had a problem with but instead they all had their spies watching me and reporting back to them.How sick was that. All the facts can be verified by His Emenience Archbishop Lazar Puhlo of the O.C.A.who was present In Ukraine and even voted for me in the synod for Bishop elect.                                              

         Roomers I was sent to those using the U.A.O.C.
 Yes it was true that I was asked by the Holy Synod in Ukraine to find out all information possible on the Groups in the U.S.A. and Canada that claimed to be apart of the U.A.O.C. . People understand that they create problems by using the U.A.O.C. and claim they are attached in Ukraine to us.
 We have found that the claims being made are due to the fact they have a Paper ,Stating their consecration came from succession of the U.A.O.C. does not in anyway give them the permission to say they are apart of the U.A.O.C.I even attended services at their house churches with a few people most family present.Most all could not even serve a proper Divine Liturgy in english.Not one used Ukrainian or church Slovanic.Many tryed their best and I beleive were sincer in wanting to serve God and his church.Some used  english muffins for communion,I was very shocked over this of course I did not partake in this.
We in the Diaspora have at present in the year 2010 a total of over 30 groups, claiming they are directly attached to Ukraine in which that fact is very untrue. No wonder we Ukrainians have so many problems with others claming they are who they say they are and really are not.
This situation not only brings problems to the U.A.O.C. but also to His Beatitude Metropolitan Constantine and Archbishop Anthony whom we respect very much and always have, and we fully recognize them to be the only True conical Ukrainian Orthodox Church present .We understand we are not, but pray to be apart in Gods time.
But I feel there should be a friendly relationship between us both. That was my Mother church and in my heart it will always be. If unity with friendship cannot be achieved in America then how can everyone respect each other. This is of great importance to many Ukrainians.
We are here as a missionary church, not to try and gather all Ukrainian parishes that was never our purpose or ever will be.

                     LET IT BE ALSO KNOWN.

It is firmly agreed that anyone claiming to be Ukrainian The Bishops who represent the U.A.O.C. or any other church in Ukraine, must first be Ukrainian by blood and family history. They also must speak, read, and write Ukrainian not just be able to  serve Divine Liturgy in Slavonic, but must be able to serve in Ukrainian .The rules set forth at the Sobor held in Ukraine states that in order to become apart of the Hierarchy one must be of Ukrainian decent ,meet all requirements set forth in the Charter of the U.A.O.C. both in Ukraine and Diaspora. Any and all Consecrations of any Bishop must be approved by the Patriarch of Ukraine or the Head of the Holy Synod in the absence of the Patriarch.
Out of Brotherly Love and respect we the U.A.O.C. will also inform, His Beatitude and the Holy Synod of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.  and if need be turn to them for spiritual advice prior to any Consecration in the Americas so not to have any conflict only understanding .We are never invited to any gatherings or ever spoken to by the U.O.C. Metropolitan is kind and does always mention other jurisdiction when I am present at His Cathedral, saying words in a way is clearly directed to me in which I am very grateful for. May God Grant Him Many Years!

.                            .
               We are a Missionary Jurisdiction,!

 Will continue to spread the Word of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with out interfering with the U.O.C. In anyway nor to attempt to receive any parishes from the U.O.C.  and to let the Hierarchy know of anyone attempting to do so .We hope that we can have a open relationship with our Brothers and to do the work of Christ as a Missionary church by helping care for the sick and dying ,promoting our Holy Orthodox Faith by example educating others starting missions helping the poor in America and in Ukraine, and to proudly represent our Ukrainian customs and Faith, by working with all Ukrainian denominations in the Diaspora.
The time is long over due for mutual respect among all Ukrainian Clergy as it was once was in America. Let us no longer gossip and fight each other but let us all work together for the betterment of mankind and our Holy Ukrainian Churches. The division that now divides us all is no more than misunderstanding each other, brought by gossip and hurtful statements in which Christ never intended by His Apostles.
God forgives, as we should forgive, and let us only respect each other and may the Holy Spirit only fill our hearts with love and joy. By this true example of mutual respect we as Ukrainians can and will over come all divisions that are upon us now, let us go forth in peace and serve Our Lord as it was meant for us to do. Let us also remember the words that we say at the Divine Liturgy,
 Christ Is Among Us! For he is and ever shall be. Let us leave this world knowing that we did our very best to serve him and not to question our mistakes but to only remember we did our best in which Our Lord only expected us to do.

                        Consecrations takes Place to save a Church.
In 1996 an initiative group of Russian orthodox clergy and laity approached Patriarch Dimitriy of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, asking him to assist them in the canonical restoration of a hierarchy for the True Orthodox Church. It was decided that the name for the restored church would be the Russian True Orthodox Church. In June of 1996, with the blessing of Patriarch Dimitriy, Archbishop Roman and Bishop Methodiy of the UAOC ordained Hieromonk John a bishop of the Russian True Orthodox Church in order to restore apostolic succession. In December of 1996 Bishop John and Bishop Methodiy ordained Archimandrite Stefan a bishop for the Russian True Orthodox Church.
These two bishops, John and Stefan, would pass the apostolic succession to the rest of the bishops of the Russian True Orthodox Church. In 2000 the Russian True Orthodox Church officially added "Metropolia of Moscow" to its name in order to distinguish it from other groups within Russia.
Today, the Church is led by Metropolitan Vyacheslav of Moscow and Kolomensk together with Archbishop Mikhail of Krutitski and Bronitski, Archbishop Alexy of Minneapolis and Chicago, and Bishop Vladimir. The Church strives to live the Gospel of Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ through adherence to the Holy Scriptures, Holy Tradition, the Canons of the Ecumenical Councils, and regulations of the Church Councils of the Orthodox Church. Its desire is to serve the needs of its faithful through spiritual nourishment and with compassion and understanding.

                                                 Foot note:

Metropolitan Stephan of the U.A.O.C. works closely with Archbishop Alexy in America, Vladyka Stephan states we are of the same Consecrations we are brothers in Christ, His Holiness would not have agreed to their Consecrations,  but he did for a reason, it is my duty to help our brothers in anyway we can. My Consecration and theirs are one of the same no one can take this from us no one. Let those who no nothing now understand who we are.  The True Church of Ukraine. If we are self made Bishops then those who say such spits in the face of Our  Blessed +.Patriarch Dimitriy, if not for His Holiness we wonder where of Church would now be.

If we are denounced then our Holy Orthodox Church in Ukraine is also.
"Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when men revile you, and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake." (Matthew 5:10-11) In saying these words, Christ promised that those who would follow Him would certainly be persecuted. This is a central prediction of the Gospel and an essential condition of those who accept it. The Bishops were Ukrainian but lived in Russia. It was our duty to help them save their churches.

07-12-2010 poky.

Could you provide a source for this extract?

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Re: Who We Really are the U.A.O.C. OF N. and S.America.
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Please tell me YES or NO. Not a debate...fight...
Is this church canonical, or in the communion with the Orthodox Autocephalous Churches?

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Re: Who We Really are the U.A.O.C. OF N. and S.America.
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Please tell me YES or NO. Not a debate...fight...
Is this church canonical, or in the communion with the Orthodox Autocephalous Churches?

Depends of ones definition of canonicity. Form me - it is not.
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