Author Topic: Homosexuals to meet with Patriarch Irinej to curb violence  (Read 878 times)

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Homosexuals to meet with Patriarch Irinej to curb violence
« on: July 16, 2010, 01:30:22 PM »

Serbia gay groups want to meet Patriarch Irinej seeking to curb anti-gay violence

By The Associated Press (CP) – 1 day ago

BELGRADE, Serbia — A Serbian gay group has asked to meet with the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Irinej, to seek his help in curbing anti-gay violence.

The Gay-Lesbian Info Center says in a statement posted on the group's website that gay people "are suffering violence on a daily basis" and that many assailants justify attacks with religious beliefs.

The group says that "therefore the church can play a role in reducing the violence."

There has been no immediate response from the Serbian church, which has considerable influence in conservative Serbia. Church elders have in the past criticized homosexuality.

Serbia also has faced international criticism after a gay pride march was cancelled last year over extremist threats.

What does everyone think? I believe the Church does an excellent job on rallying the people in opposing same-sex marriage, but at the same time, the Church should definitely be the first to condemn acts of violence against them. Even if they are parading down the streets and provoking people.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Stashko's response with regards to our beloved Patriarch ;)
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Re: Homosexuals to meet with Patriarch Irinej to curb violence
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