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I International Orthphoto Workshop
« on: June 10, 2010, 04:44:19 PM »
Our project consists of three main elements:

   1. an international photography workshop in Supraśl, Poland
   2. after the workshop we intend to organize an exhibition about Polish Orthodoxy consisting of the best photos taken during the workshop as well as some photos suggested by our users.
   3. An album about Podlasie region where the workshop is to take place.

Why are we doing it?
There are several reasons why we have decided to organize this event.
Have you ever wondered who are the people who are uploading photos on orthphoto? Our workshop could be a chance to find this out! Orthphoto is a large community and it would be great if we could meet at least some of the users in reality. And this is one of our aims - to enable the users to meet and get to know one another.
Secondly, we all want to become better photographers. We want to learn something about photography and, even more importantly, about orthodoxy. If you are interested in orthodox photography as well and you want to see orthodoxy in Poland this workshop is for you!
Do you think that orthphoto needs some changes? Would you like to evaluate it and tell us about your ideas for the improvement of orthphoto? Do you want to discuss about the future of our site? Come to the workshop! During the workshop you will have a chance to talk about it all because it is one of the reasons behind organizing this event.

Why in Poland?
Poland is the place where it has all begun! Orthphoto has been started here and Polish users are still the most active users on the site. Maybe it is a good place for starting things ;-)
But there is also one more pragmatic reason…Orthphoto is run by volunteers (not only from Poland) and it is easier for us to start the workshop in here as our main coordinator lives here.

Why Supraśl?
Supraśl is the place where Summer Institutes of SYNDESMOS took place in 2000, 1999 and 1998. This workshop could be in a way a continuation of these events.

Workshop is prepared together with the Suprasl Academy – a new body who just started working few years ago. (more information about it in ‘organizers’).

Our intention is to organize such events every year in different countries. This year it is in Poland, but hopefully in the following years we could prepare similar events in Russia, Serbia, Greece, Romania or some other country. Don’t miss such opportunity!

After consultations with users who have already applied for workshop we have decided to do some changes in programm which allows as also to reduce costs and at the same time keep program attractive.
First of all we have divided the programme into 3 parts:
Working camp
Organized to help in preparation of the feast for the Suprasl monastery. Participation is free. The camp is organized by Supraska Academy and it could be a great experience to be able to live next to monastery and help monks to prepare their feast. (dates: 6-11.08.2010).

Orthphoto Workshop
Main event with workshops and trips which allows participants to learn a bit about photography, discuss photography from an orthodox perspective, make friendships and visit and learn more about Polish orthodoxy. Costs: 60 EURO (dates:11-19.08.2010)
Full programm

Feast at the monastery in Grabarka
The biggest feast for Orthodox Church believers in Poland. This year H.E. Patriarch Bartholomew will be also as a guest during the feast (dates 18-19 August) (costs: maximum 30EURO accommodation costs plus travel - there might be lower prize version )

The workshop is organized not only to improve individual skills. We also believe that participants will help us develop website's rules and tools and maybe our editorial team will increaese number of members and countries. We have applied for grant which we hope will allow us to organize workshop on minimal costs and in some cases help us to support those who can not afford travel costs. So please if you want to take part in this event do not look at your financial condidtion just apply and ask as as much as you need.

After 1st July we will know if we have received this grant and we will be able to decide if we are doing workshop and how much we can support you.

Please remember that the deadline for the registration to our workshop is extended - now the deadline is 1st July.

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