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« on: June 12, 2010, 06:25:20 PM »
Please forgive my ignorance. How are hymns created today? Can anyone compose a hymn or do they get a blessing to do so? How are new hymns incorporated into the Church? Is there an approval process? I ask because sometimes I see that some compose hymns and I figure if they are going to be used in Church they would need to be vetted in some way to make sure that they accurately represent Orthodox Theology.

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Re: Hymns
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Usually the churches have designated one or more persons to write their hymns, and when the time comes to canonize someone or recognize a feastday, they give them the relevant historical and hagiographical information to work with.
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Re: Hymns
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I was listening to these Hymns, and some of them are called 'Zenemmy' Chant. Another is called a 'Georgian' Chant. There is of course the Byzantine Chant.

All you have to do to  find out about ANYTHING is google it, or look it up in wikipedia :)

You can download a whole CD of the most beautiful Russian chants i've ever heard:

One of the most outstanding one is called the 'Zenemmy' Chant. Look it up:

I can't believe that CD is in English! 

Recorded in 1996.