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Good morning.

Has anybody ever seen this television website called Here is the site:

I was watching this really interesting YouTube channel named GreekOrthodoxTV, and I'm pretty sure its from the same
Check it out. Very Interesting stuff: The talk about Ecumenism is especially great.

So what does anybody know about this website? I know the GreekOrthodoxTV channel on youtube is very good.

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I see a lot of evidence that suggests that you may be the banned poster DeathToTheWorld come back under yet another guise (IP address in the same range, content and style of posts the same).  Until we can find out for certain that you are not, you will be on post moderation pending the ban of this duplicate account.

- PeterTheAleut
 I really am growing tired of this.

You are banned, for the fourth time. Do not ever again register for an account or otherwise attempt to post here. You are permitted to read posts as a guest, but that is the limit of your participation on this forum.

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