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Would someone...ahem EkhristosAnesti, minasoliman, deusveritasest, Salpy ; so kind as too provide a list of source documents (weblinks, books, etc.) explaining OO theology. Thanks!

I think I'll make this a sticky.  Also, I would like the purpose to be broader, to include other resources on the Oriental Orthodox besides theology, including history and culture.

And please, when someone posts a link, don't just make it a bare link.  Please give a short explanation of what the link is about.   :)

Books on the Armenian Church can be found at St. Vartan Bookstore, which is part of the Armenian Eastern Diocese of the United States:

The Oriental Orthodox Library has works from various Oriental Orthodox Church Fathers:

It also has Fr. V.C.Samuel's The Council of Chalcedon Re-Examined, which is an excellent resource for understanding the Council of Chalcedon, and the various Christological issues involved, from an Oriental Orthodox point of view.

Another excellent book about the Christology of the Oriental Orthodox is Fr. Peter's new book, Orthodox Christology:

Salpy: has theological articles, prayers, lives of saints, and other resources from all the Oriental Orthodox traditions:


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