Author Topic: PC attempts to supress truth  (Read 760 times)

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PC attempts to supress truth
« on: May 29, 2010, 11:00:14 PM »
Quoting that language from a council for academic purposes may be allowed, but Iconodule was using the phrase as his own words.

So as long as we're being scholarly enough (which will be decided by the Oriental Orthodox Academic Anti-Nastiness Committee) we can call people whatever we want, unless its impolitic, in which case we can't. But let no Orthodox Christian dare appropriate for himself the language of the Holy Fathers and use it in his own discourse. All talking must be done in 21st Century postmodern demotic newspeak; the proclamations of the Church must be put in quotation marks, which will serve firstly to remind the reader that their contents are the vain drivels of an earlier, benighted generation, and most certainly not timeless truths to be affirmed and proclaimed in every age.

In other words, here in the public Oriental Orthodox section, I may refer to Dioscoros of Alexandria with the title "St." but Iconodule cannot call him "hated of God."  Similarly, Iconodule may refer to Flavian of Constantinople with the title "St." but I cannot call him "hated of God."  (Not that I would want to use that language.  Goodness gracious.)  In the private forum we can call each other's saints anything we want.

In other words, as I said, 'positivity' is okay, but 'negativity' is bad. How positively (pun intended) and insipidly new-age.
In the very same moderatorial directive from which you extracted the above quotes, a moderator informed you that the proper way to question a moderatorial decision is via private message or the "Report to Moderator" function (at the bottom of each post).  Seeing that you quoted an excerpt of that post, I'm sure you must have read it and seen that instruction.  Yet you still disregarded it and disputed Salpy's decision in public.

For continuing to argue publicly with a moderatorial directive in spite of the moderator's instruction that you use private means only to argue with her, you are receiving this formal warning to last for the next month.  If you think I'm being unfair, please feel free to appeal this warning via private message to Fr. George.

- PeterTheAleut
Section Moderator (and one of your fellow Chalcedonians)
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