Author Topic: I found recordings of the entire Syriac Orthodox divine liturgy!!! :D  (Read 1473 times)

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I am so happy today! Not only was I fortunate enough to be able to experience the divine liturgy at my wonderful church, but I also found a website with the entire divine liturgy available in MP3 format. There are several recordings from different dates, locations, and celebrants.

It's just amazing. Here I was earlier today on the west coast of the United States experiencing the liturgy, and now I am listening to a divine liturgy that took place all the way in Jerusalem and it is the exact same as what I heard today! Each hymn, everything (well maybe the short bible reading is different), but almost the entire divine liturgy is just like what I heard today on the other side of the world! I can't even describe how I feel listening to this right now.

I hope what I wrote made at least a little bit of sense. I just wanted to share this with others: