Author Topic: I have a quesiton about marital relations in Oriental Orthodoxy?  (Read 1427 times)

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I asked this in family issues, but I couldn't get any OO replies.

I asked if marital sex was a sin if not for procreation, and even then, the married couple is not allowed to enjoy it?

Then an EO said that they heard that the OO church doesn't allow the use of condoms. What about the "pull-out" method?

Can an OO answer my questions?
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Re: I have a quesiton about marital relations in Oriental Orthodoxy?
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I don't know what the views of other OO Churches are.  In the Coptic Church, sex is only for marriage, and the couple is allowed to enjoy it.  It does not have to be for procreative purposes.  And the Coptic Church allows any non-abortive, non-sterility contraceptives, so condoms are allowed.  Any specifics or particulars are best answered between the married couple and the priest.
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Re: I have a quesiton about marital relations in Oriental Orthodoxy?
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I think the Church would dissuade married couples from enjoying marital relations, if the couple would want to avoid having offspring permanently. 

Procreation thus remains a natural result of marital relations between man and wife, the inability of a couple to have children is another thing altogether , since they desire children but the Lord in his wisdom has not given them that particular joy.

Since a childless couple are not barred from their conjugal rights , one can thus see that marital relations have their rightful place within the marriage bond (regardless of whether procreation is involved) .

Regarding contraception, I think for better or for worse , some variation in emphasis will occur from country to country.  In India, contraception is encouraged at every level by the state and the medical fraternity.
It is true that a huge population does gravely stress resources. 

The Church's position is that abortion and abortive methods of contraception are to be avoided. Regarding barriers of all sorts, I think it is better to speak to a spiritual confessor.  If you are married, you are to discuss with your spouse as well.

As someone who is married, let me just say that I see some merit in the RC argument against condoms. Of course such things  have to balanced against the needs of the family as well. 

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Re: I have a quesiton about marital relations in Oriental Orthodoxy?
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I was taught that there are six central elements that must be part of a person's mindset when they get married.
1 permanence - that you intend it to be for life even if it doesn't turn out that way.
2 union
3 sacrament
4 monogomous
5 exclussive (faithful)
6 procreation.
Number six means that the couple intend to have children as this is one of the purposes of marriage, but if they cannot because of medical reasons they are in no way to blame. I was also taught (at theological college) that it is acceptable for the couple to control the size of their family through artificial means of contraception but not to prevent them having any children. Sex is part of the expression of a couple's love and was given by God not just for the purpose of creating children but for strengthening the union between man and wife.