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Ukrainian name "Kuzma"

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The Springfield Cardinals' star shortstop is Pete Kozma. Seems like the name could be related.

Here's some info I found on about the Kozma family name:

Kozma Name Meaning and History
Hungarian: from a short form of Kozmás, vernacular form of Cosma.
Czech, Slovak, and Polish: from the personal name Kosma (Polish Kozma), vernacular forms of Greek Kosmas (see Cosma 2).
Jewish (from Poland): ornamental adoption of the Slavic personal name (see 2).
possibly also Greek (Kozmas): variant of Kosmas (see Cosmas).

Very interesting!

There is also a peculiar expression in Russian, "показать (кому-л.) Кузькину мать," literally "to show someone the mother of Kuz'ka" (a derivative from Kuz'ma). It means to give someone hell, to beat or to overcome someone, or to humiliate an enemy. When Khrushchev was pounding on the desk with his shoe in the UN on Sept. 29, 1960 (, he actually shouted, ""мы вам покажeм Кузькину мать," "we will show you (i.e. the West) the mother of Kuz'ka."  ;D


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