Author Topic: Bishop Suriel speaks to Global South Anglicans, Singapore, 2010  (Read 1598 times)

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His grace Bishop Anba Suriel of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Before I was a bishop, I had a small parish in Hawaii.  We had three teens in youth group, took them out for pizza at pizza hut.  Cut out of Darth Vader.  This monastic dress that Coptic orthodox bishops.  People stop them in the street and ask for prayer. Wear your vestments.  It’s a mission statement .  Powerful statement of who and what we are as Christians.

Thank you for your warm welcome.  You made me feel very welcome.  I had a real learning experience this week, being acquainted with the  struggles and pain of orthodox Anglicans of Global South.  Every morning as I worshipped with you I prayed that God would give you the strength and courage to be who you are.  Be courageous. I pray that you lions here, the primates of the provinces of GS will extend your hand and say no to gay bishops and gay marriages .   This abomination causes our Lord to suffer and bleed every day. You are martyrs, without the shedding of  blood, every day because you are upholding the Gospel.

St. Anthony the Great said,  “There will come a day, when the mad people look at the normal people and say , ‘look at that those mad people. ‘”   That day is here.

Certain factions of the Christian church have been desensitized to the Christian Gospel.  I call it the frog in the kettle syndrome. If you put a frog in a stew pot in cold water, he is happy.  When you turn the heat on, you do so slowly and he doesn’t know until it is too late that he is being cooked.

So it is with the Church in the modern culture.  This is desensitization to the Christian Church that is happening in our modern world.  It is pushing the morality of the culture further and further every year.

The last time I visited in the Province of Australia I was chastised because I was not being politically correct. I intend to not be politically correct until the day I die....
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Re: Bishop Suriel speaks to Global South Anglicans, Singapore, 2010
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