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« on: April 09, 2010, 08:29:11 PM »
could someone give me a photo of prostration?
I went to an orthodox church once and I saw an Ethiopian looking woman (I'm not sure if she was eastern or oriental) in the eastern orthodox church, on the floor prostrating. when I saw that I concluded that the Muslims stole prostration, and open style churches (no pews) from the orthodox Christians.

but I don't know much about why or how.

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Re: Prostrations?
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The way Orthodox Christians are to do prostrations by going on the hands and knees and touching your head to the floor after doing the sign of the Cross. Same way as Muslims do pretty much.
Photo of a Coptic monk doing a prostration:

Also, you can see in this video how prostrations are done (he does one in the beginning of the video) and this is also how Eastern Orthodox Christians do them:

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Re: Prostrations?
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ya..even we do prostrations...40 per day in the lent...

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Re: Prostrations?
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