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Orthodox sports teams?
« on: April 09, 2010, 04:55:08 PM »

I'm located in the United States where I often watch NCAA football as well as UEFA soccer. In the NCAA, Catholic schools such as Notre Dame (the "Fighting Irish") are often seen to "represent" Catholicism, in a way. Are there any teams in Europe, North America or elsewhere, either at the college level or professional level, that are considered to be representatives of Orthodoxy?

I've been told that the Greek professional athletic club, AEK Athens, uses the two-headed eagle of the Orthodox Church as its emblem and its black and yellow club colors were intentionally chosen to symbolize some sort of connection to the Byzantine Empire. Moreover, when NATO was bombing Serbia roughly a decade ago, AEK organized a friendly exhibition game with its "Orthodox brother" Partizan Belgrade, a Serbian club, in order to protest the unjust bombing which was not even temporarily halted during that year's Easter holiday celebration.