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Author Topic: The Road Past and the Road Ahead  (Read 906 times) Average Rating: 0
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« on: January 08, 2004, 01:09:42 AM »

I am wondering how long it has taken some of us to reach our current paths and where we anticipate our ecclesiastical ties will be in the near future.

Ten Years Ago...

I was a teenager with no religious ties and no real knowledge of most of the major world religions, including Christianity.

Five Years Ago...

I was a recent member of an OCA parish after having been received by chrismation in 1998.  Two years before I had read C.S. Lewis and the Gospels simultaneously, which brought me to an articulate belief in Christ, even though I had never doubted Him in my nonreligious past.  

Right Now...

I am still a member of that same OCA parish, although I may be moving to a different part of the country later in the year.  I now teach sunday school and help out the choir at a nearby mission occasionally, in addition to helping the parish's library and website.

Five years in the future...

I'm not sure exactly where I will be living.  If I am back in this area, I will still be in the same parish.  If I am elsewhere, it will depend on what the other parishes are like, with the preference given to OCA, but any SCOBA/ROCOR parish is okay.

Ten years in the future...

Hopefully at this point I will not move around too much and be settled in as a member of a nice parish, working out my salvation with the help of a spiritual father.

Anyone else ever looked at their spiritual journey in this way?

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« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2004, 04:49:01 AM »

20 years ago....

At Bible College preparing for ministry in Evangelical circles. Starting to find out about Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Even starting to go on a few retreats.

15 years ago...

Back in my home town but no longer fitting in at my Evangelical Church. Getting married. Finding out about the various Orthodox churches in the UK including the Orthodox Church of the British Isles - the independent precursor of the British Orthodox Church

10 years ago...

Just getting baptised and chrismated. The OCBI had just entered union with the COP. Starting a mission in my home town. Reading much more Orthodox theology and spirituality.

5 years ago...

Reader and then Subdeacon. Aware of the responsibilities of service in the liturgy and for the Church. Trying to improve my experience of the fasting seasons each time they come round. Increasing responsibilities in the church. Treasurer and Trustee. Publishing involvement. Website. Lots of practical deaconal things.

Right now...

Moved the mission 10 miles. Bought our own church. Working hard to build it up both materially, spiritually and numerically. Continuing with practical responsibilities. Just starting to consider the possibility of moving elsewhere in the country and starting a new mission if this one prospers.

5 years in the future...

Who knows. Maybe in southern Scotland, maybe a priest. Less argumentative on web forums I hope Smiley

10 years in the future...

Just dreams and visions. Maybe a retreat centre in southern Scotland with a small monastery established on some quiet corner of the land. Who knows? God knows. Smiley

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