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A General Observation To All Users...
« on: March 17, 2010, 08:55:46 PM »
It is my earnest hope that all posters will read this extract of the Compiled Board Policies thread:

Due to the past behavior of certain poster(s), the Administrators, Global Moderators, and Moderators have agreed to adopt the following change in policy regarding posts, to wit:

In order to reduce the potential for any poster from controlling or influencing this site, the leadership of reserves the right to limit participation from any individual who has been regularly or routinely hijacking threads or otherwise rdistracting posters.

This is not intended to restrict debate or expressions of opinions, but is only intended to assist in the discussion of ideas involving Orthodox Christianity---which is the intent and purpose of this site.  

There have been some posters who have tended to add posts that delve into 'favorite topics' of theirs, generally to the detriment of the topic being debated. I believe you know who you are.

My intent is to bring up this Board Policy at this time, so that when it is acted upon, no one can say he or she was unaware of this policy, which has been enacted since January 2007.

You have been warned.
"As the sparrow flees from a hawk, so the man seeking humility flees from an argument". St John Climacus