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This is a thread for links to online sermons and lectures by Oriental Orthodox clergy, professors and other knowledgeable persons.  The sermons and lectures may be written, audio, or video.  Written sermons may be copied and pasted, but please also provide links to their sources.

Please do not post bare links.  In other words, a post with a link in it should have some sort of introduction to the link, telling what it is about and who is giving the sermon or lecture.  If the link is to a page with many sermons or lectures, then give some information about the page, such as what church it is from, etc.

Below is a link to St. Nersess Armenian Seminary's Virtual Classroom.  It contains lectures from Armenian and other Orthodox clergy, as well as professors, on a number of theological topics:

Below is the youtube channel of Tigran Khachikyan, an acolyte of the Armenian Church.  He has a series of lessons in American Sign Language on a variety of topics, such as the Nicene Creed and Holy Tradition:

Here is a page from the website of the British Orthodox Church, with homilies, talks and sermons given by Metropolitan Seraphim, Father Simon Smyth, and Father Peter Farrington:

Written, audio and video sermons in English can be found by clicking on the right hand side of the website of St. Marina Coptic Orthodox Church:


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