Author Topic: A Russian Priest: My Work With English Speaking Converts.  (Read 2632 times)

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Re:A Russian Priest: My Work With English Speaking Converts.
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2003, 01:28:13 PM »
Very good interview.
Nice testamony. Thanks for sharing the link!

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Re:A Russian Priest: My Work With English Speaking Converts.
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2003, 01:52:10 PM »
Indeed, a wonderful interview!

I was particularly struck by one thing that Fr. Artemy said:

RtE: Do you think your parish is more traditional as a whole than one might
see in other big city parishes?

Fr. Artemy: We have a very good proverb in Russia, “A parish looks like its
priest.” I mean that, in our church, our priests are very careful in their ministry. Our services are not shortened, our church singers are very zealous, and people like the way we serve. Now, when we have more than three hundred churches in Moscow, everyone can find his own parish. I hope that our church attracts those who like to pray.

It made me think of how many of us, particular here and on other fora, bemoan the lack of piety in some churches, how "modernistic" they may be, etc, comparing them to more traditionally oriented churches.  However, perhaps those churches which aren't so "traditional", that have the shortened services, may be the ones who excel in, perhaps, service to the poor or some other Christian virtue.  If that be the case, then perhaps they are not so "modernistic" at all, but simply emphasize a certain part of The Way while others emphasize other parts.  Of course, in a perfect world, every church would be perfect in its prayer life, ministry to the poor and lowly, etc, but, as we all know, we don't live in that perfect world just yet.

Just a thought.
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