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« on: June 27, 2010, 07:19:03 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say hello and hope to continue to expand my knowledge and share thoughts and experiences from time to time. I don't want to get into anything too intense right now, however my journey has been interesting to say the least.  I am a cradle Catholic, parents left the church when I was around 7, I eventually got back in touch with my Catholic roots a couple years back and began attending daily mass and jumped back in full time after speaking with a priest.  This has lead my to Orthodoxy and attending inquires classes, as well as Divine Liturgy and weekly Vespers.  I also began building a wonderful relationship with a spiritual father at an Eastern Orthodox parish I was drawn to.  I was on the road to Christmation in the inquires classes over a year ago, but backed away just two months before Pascha a year ago.  The plan is to organically move into that and set Christmation into the church as a goal for Pascha, as well as attending all fall and early winter classes.  That is just a very small portion of my journey.....

take care.
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Re: Peace.....
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Welcome to the forum Bres!

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Re: Peace.....
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Re: Peace.....
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Welcome to the forum.   :)

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Re: Peace.....
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Welcome to the Forum!
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Re: Peace.....
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Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Peace.....
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Have a pleasant journey in Christianity.
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Re: Peace.....
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Welcome, and may Our Lord grant you strength, wisdom, and peace in your journey!

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Re: Peace.....
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Welcome Bres to the Convert Issues Forum,

I hope that you will find the Convert Issues forum to be place where you as an inquirer may ask their questions about the Orthodox Faith in a safe and supportive forum.  WE try to provide an understanding of the basic teachings and practices of the Orthodox churches. WE try to keep our answers direct and simple with sources if possible,

For those who are converts, this forum is a safe place to discuss issues that arise after one converts in a safe and supportive forum without retribution or recrimination. WE try to avoid jurisdiction debates and you may find a the topic that will be split and sent the appropriate OC.Net forum to continue the discussion or debate if it strays from the guidelines of our Forum Purpose.

Again I want to welcome you warmly to the Convert Issues Forum and hope you will enjoy your time as a member here.

In Christ,
Convert Issues Forum Moderator 

Your brother in Christ ,