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Thank God for Bishops like Mark of Toledo!


Carl Kraeff (Second Chance):
In a move that has surprised many, Bishop Mark has stepped out on his own and, acting as a true Orthodox diocesan bishop, has ordered financial audits at each of his parishes. I hope and pray that he is not further victimized for this action.

As reported on OCA News. "In a letter sent to his priests today, Bishop Mark of the Antiochian Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest has ordered financial review committees be immediately established in every parish throughout his diocese in light of newly-discovered financial misconduct that has left one parish $110,000 poorer, and one priest with an $18,000 debt on his personal credit card. The Antiochian Bishop’s letter and instructions read:"

For Bishop mark's letter go to

Indeed, thank God for Bishop Mark.

As one who is in the Midwest Diocese, I can say that we are very blessed to have him as our bishop. God grant Sayidna Mark many years!

I just came over to post about this, and found somebody beat me to it. Here's a link to the official copy of this letter from the Antiochian Archdiocese web site:

Ater being Orthodox for fifteen years, I have my reservations about many of our bishops.  Perhaps that's why it is so encouraging to see one who *gets it* and does the right thing when facing uncomfortable and embarrassing truths.  He isn't the only one who has shown this ability -- both his opposite number Bishop Job (OCA midwest) and Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA have, and I am confident that a number of others would do the same if faced with a test of this sort.  But the more, the merrier. :-)



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