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The upcoming year, in 2010, 1100 years will be completed since the repose of the equal to the apostles, enlightener of all Slavs, saint Naum of Ohrid, the wonderworker, one of the disciples of the glorious brothers from Thessaloniki, the saints Methodius and Cyril. After he came back from the mission in Moravia, on the shore of Lake Ohrid, saint Naum built the monastery which, with its activities, together with the University of Saint Clement, would provide Ohrid a glorious name – Jerusalem for the Slavs.

Because of the relics of saint Naum, which reside in the monastery, as well as because of the authentic monastic life, the monastery was throughout the ages, a place of favour, at which divine services were served also by the well known Archbishops of Ohrid: Theophylact of Ohrid, Demetrios Chomatian, Constantine II Cabasilas, Porphyrios Palaiologos, Arsenios II...

In our more recent history, special concern for the monastery was shown also by the chrysostom of the 20th century, saint Nikolai of Ohrid and Zica. Even today, a memory is lively kept, that one of the favourite places for hesychastic prayer of the holy Bishop Nikolai, was exactly the monastery, exactly close to the holy relics of saint Naum of Ohrid.

But today, the image of the glorious monastery is completely different. Since it is in the hands of the self-proclaimed Macedonian orthodox church, which for the ecumenical orthodoxy is a schismatic religious community, the words of the Gospel about “the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place” (Matthew 24, 15) are being fulfilled upon the monastery. Instead of preserving the holy tradition, instead of monastic life and divine services, the Macedonian orthodox church decided, for a monetary compensation, to rent the monastery to companies that develop activities which are totally opposed to the monastic way of living, totally opposed to the Orthodox Christianity in general.

Namely, the Macedonian orthodox church since years back has transformed the monastery of saint Naum into a hotel, with a permission to even rename the monastery to: “Hotel Complex Saint Naum”.

Also, besides the monastery functions as a spa and fitness centre, Macedonian orthodox church permits the activity of the “Art of Living Foundation”, whose founder is Ravi Shankar, within the monastery. This religious group is teaching its breathing technique Pranayama, sudarshan kriya exactly within the monastery.

One of the reasons due to which the Macedonian orthodox church persists to dwell in schism with the Orthodox World, is exactly the fact that in the redeeming unity with the Church, it would not be able to allow the rental of the monastery of saint Naum to the abovementioned religious group, it would not be able to allow the marketing of the rich tradition of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The monastery “Saint Jovan Bigorski” recently suffered a terrible disaster, that left no one indifferent, and for the overcoming of its consequences, Archbishop of Ohrid kyr kyr Jovan offered his help. But, in regard to the monastery of the saint Naum of Ohrid, we are witnesses that through the abovementioned activities, which the schismatic Macedonian orthodox church for a monetary compensation is permitting in the monastery, it itself is causing probably the most terrible disaster for the Orthodoxy on the Balkans, and wider!

Therefore, with the monastery of saint Naum transformed into a hotel and a religious centre of Ravi Shankar, the question remains open – how will the Macedonian orthodox church celebrate the upcoming anniversary of 1100 years since the repose of saint Naum of Ohrid, the wonderworker?

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