Author Topic: Is the Orthodox Church Anti-Muslim?  (Read 11283 times)

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Re: Is the Orthodox Church Anti-Muslim?
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Re: Is the Orthodox Church Anti-Muslim?
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HI all,

Just a quick question/clarification. How is "evil" being defined here when you speak of Muslims and Islam in your replies? It seems when some are saying that Islam is "evil" they mean that it is simply contrary to the Gospel and therefore cannot be anything other than evil. Whereas others seem to understand the term "evil" as meaning more of a willful disobedience to God and/or a desire to harm others intentionally. In my original question, I was thinking more of the latter, rather than the former. I think of evil more in terms of malice and cruelty, than I do in the broader sense of "missing the mark"/sinfulness.


I think that Islam is the enemy of any other religion because of what the Islamic holy book and tradition says about other religions. This does not necessarily mean that all Muslims hate all other religions and believers. Similarly, there are elements in the Muslim holy book and tradition that prescribe evil deeds. Again, this does not necessarily mean that all Muslims actually carry out these prescriptions. Finally, I do not believe that any religion, including Islam, is evil because it is contrary to the Gospel. And, I join you in defining evil as being intentionally cruel and malicious behavior. A prime example is the murder of apostates from Islam (the two young Iranian women who converted to Christianty are being tried as we speak--they will ikely be murdered). Although nominally Christian Spain also executed apostates, it did so in spite of the teachings of the Lord and his Apostles. In the case of the Muslim extremists today (for example the ones who run the Taliban and Iran), they execute apostates because of the teachings of the Qoran and Mohammed. Ithink that this is the crucial difference.