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« on: September 03, 2009, 06:10:22 PM »


As some of you may know, Elder Symeon from Saint John The Forerunner in England has reposed recently.
Elder Symeon Bruschweiller was born in Switzerland and converted from Protenstantism to Orthodoxy at the age of 30. He was the eldest of the monks from Saint John the Forerunner Monastery in Maldon, Essex, built by Elder Soprony Sakharov, whose apprentice Elder Symeon was. I translated an interview of his into English.
It's a recording at Putna monastery in Romania on July 21 2008. I translated into English what the Romanian translator says, as my French isn't that good.
You can listen to the recording in here.

Staretz of Putna Monastery:...Elder Symeon from Saint John The Forerunner monastery in England, the monastery in Essex, whose spiritual roots go all the way to Saint Silouan The Athonite. Why am I saying this? It's because his holiness was a close apprentice of Elder Archimandrite Sophrony and Elder Archimandrite Sophrony was a close apprentice of Saint Silouan The Athonite. Elder Symeon is a good friend of ours; his origins are in Switzerland. He is Swiss. He went to the monastery of Saint John The Forerunner in London, built by Elder Sophroy, whom I mentioned earlier, and whose close apprentice he was... He visited Romania in 1993 for the first time, I believe. It was then when he visited our monastery, together with Elder Rafail Noica, who is his close friend. Elder Rafail Noica was also a monk at the monastery of Saint John in Essex, London, before he came to Romania.
His holiness is not only a good friend, but also, by knowing Romanian spirituality and the elders that promoted Rugul Aprins (The Burning Bush - you can read more about it in here), he started a magazine, edited by Saint Silouan The Athonite Association (he also started Saint Silouan The Athonite Association). The magazine is called Rugul Aprins. This was in the memory of Rugul Aprins movement, which was started by the elders who conffessed our faith and were also imprisoned in the communist prisons: Elder Sofian Boghiu, Elder Arsenie Papacioc, Elder Petroniu, and especially Elder Daniel Sandu Tudor, and the other elders, some of them who are present here. By Lord's gift, I asked Elder Symeon to address those present at our monastery a few useful words.
Elder Symeon: Christ is Risen!
People: Truly He is Risen!
Elder Symeon: Christ is Risen!
People: Truly He is Risen!
Elder Symeon: Christ is Risen!
People: Truly He is Risen!
Elder Symeon: I'm very happy to salute you today with this Paschal Greeting. We are now in the times of Holy Easter, which has a special meaning to all Christians. As you know, The Feast of Holy Easter is called The Feast of Feasts, the greatest Feast that we celebrate during the liturgical year. Today we are at equal distance between Easter and Pentecost. It is the feast of Mid-Pentecost. Holy Easter is the greatest feast because it represents the fulfillment of the plan of The Lord referring to the victory of Life over Death. In Christ, as Saint John The Goldenmouth tells us in his Easter Homily, we are all resurected. But we need an another gift from God: The Grace of God and the Gift of The Holy Spirit. If Easter is the victory over Death, the Pentecost is the gift of God to humans, the force of eternal life. So, we have The Feast of Easter behind us and The Feast of Pentecost in front of us. As you know, The Pentecost represents the descent of The Holy Spirit on the holy apostles gathered in Jerusalem, 50 days after Easter. Since we celebrate this gift of God to humans, the feast of Pentecost is also the date the Church was founded. Since Pentecost, the Church flows like a long river along the centuries. This long river flowed until our times and will continue to flow until the end of time. We come to this river, this Church of God, either to receive an advice from God related to our life, or to receive the Grace of God. As you can see, I speak to you in French because I am a member of Saint Silouan Association, which was mentioned by Father staretz. Almost all of us are Westerners who found in the Orthodox Church the true faith and the true life in God. Orthodoxy means "the correct faith", "the correct Glorification" and this "correct faith" enlightened us and lead us here today. As I said, the Church can be compared to a river flowing through centuries, but this river is exposed to a lot of dangers. We could say that this river, this Church, can be attacked either from the inside, or from the outside. Today we celebrate another feast apart from Mid-Pentecost, the Feast of Saint Constantine and Saint Helen. Until Saint Constantine the Great, the Church was attacked from the outside by the Roman Empire. As you know, the early Christians were subjects of unmerciful persecutions. The greatness of Saint Constantine comes also from the fact that he was a Roman Emperor, that he stopped the persecutions against the Church and he even became a Christian. Since then, the Church stopped being attacked from the outside like before, but, as you know there were other outside attacks. I want to mention  Saint Stephan the Great in the 15th century, who was a great defender of the Christian Church. There have always been menaces to the Orthodox Church, but there were always ways to survive, by the grace of God. Putna is a place where the Orthodox faith is protected and defended. Today, the menace comes a bit differently, by the entering of wordly spirit in the church, also called secularization. It is no longer an attack by violence or martyrization, but by seduction and corruption of thinking. It's an ideology which is  spreading without being seen, without being noticed, but it affects us all. If we accept this ideology of secularization, we will remain Christians only on the outside, but we won't actually be Christians on the inside, neither in our life, nor in our faith. This is why we must protect this treasure of our Orthodox Church. We must pay attention and discern the danger of secularization on one hand and the corrupt form of Christianity found at the other denominations on the other hand. All of us, the members of the asociation, who are currently in a pilgrimage in Romania, are people who discovered Orthodoxy, who discovered the treasure of Orthodoxy. We have discovered that the Orthodox Church is the true Church, the true river which flowed across the century, without any additions or removals and without corruption. All of you who are present here should be profoundly attached to this church, because against this Church of Christ, the gates of Hell will not prevail. May God bless you all!
Elder Symeon: Christ is Risen!
People: Truly He is Risen!
Elder Symeon: Christ is Risen!
People: Truly He is Risen!
Elder Symeon: Christ is Risen!
People: Truly He is Risen!

PS: Sorry for the possible mistakes.
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