Author Topic: GOARCH Charging for Baptisms?  (Read 28 times)

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GOARCH Charging for Baptisms?
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My son was recently born so I contacted the Greek church under Metropolitan Evangelos of NJ to baptize my son. I e been going there for two years now putting money into baskets and even going to weekday services so they know that I'm a participating member. However, after contacting the office (one does not talk to the priest here as apparently he's too busy to talk directly to his own parishioners. Sacraments are scheduled through office administrator) I was sent a letter stating that they will not baptize my son son unless I pay the full years membership fee (which is 500 bucks for my family) and drop 100 for the chanter. So essentially my two years of donating and regularly communing does not qualify me as a member. What qualifies me is how much money is give.

Point is, I feel like I am being charged for a sacrament. Am I wrong to think this? Is this normal practice under the EP? I would get in contact with priest to find out more but he's nearly impossible to get in touch with as it's a very large parish. I don't want to talk to the office manager again since she has no idea what's going on and probably is t even Orthodox since she's in the office during services and had no idea what the OCA was and just assumed I was Greek. I wasn't sure where to post this in the forums but any advice is greatly appreciated.