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Antiochian Financial Scandal

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Carl Kraeff (Second Chance):
Mr. Stookie (Mark Stokoe)has posted the following bombshell:

Amid Plea for Audit, Accusations of Financial Misconduct Hit Archdiocesan Cathedral in Troy

It was the kind of email no Bishop or parishioner wants to get: a parish treasurer breaking his silence amid allegations of checks cashed in the name of dead parishioners, details of forced resignations from the parish board of those who dared to ask questions, death threats, and ultimately, of excommunication of the whistle blower by a parish priest. In a midnight email on August 20th, sent to over a hundred Archdiocesan leaders as well as local parishioners, Mr. George Samra, treasurer of St. George’s Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral in Troy MI, tells an incredible story about one of the largest parishes in the Archdiocese."

For the rest, please go to

Carl Kraeff (Second Chance):
Since the fish starts rotting from the head, I would think that the situation calls for, to start:

1. Stopping all money flow to Englewood until after an independent audit is performed AND appropriate disciplinary actions (if any) are taken.

2. Demanding that the Holy Synod in Antioch removes Metropolitan Philip from his post (depose/retire/whatever).

3. The Diocesan Bishop (Bishop Mark) suspending Father Antypas pending an investigation. It would also help if gangsters are excommunicated.

I agree...ANAXIOS!  I pray Bishop Mark will stand up and do the right thing...
It is always money isn't it..the OCA scandals also involved sexual immorality but it was money which tipped the deck..
Lord have mercy!

Fr. George:
If Bishop +MARK does the right thing, but isn't backed up from above, will it matter?

Carl Kraeff (Second Chance):

--- Quote from: cleveland on August 22, 2009, 10:01:30 AM ---If Bishop +MARK does the right thing, but isn't backed up from above, will it matter?

--- End quote ---

I would look at it from the perspective of Bishop Mark: If he does not discharge his duties as the diocesan bishop then he will be complicit, at least morally.


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