Author Topic: Beyond the Firmament by Gordon J. Glover  (Read 2074 times)

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Beyond the Firmament by Gordon J. Glover
« on: September 10, 2009, 05:26:14 PM »
This has been one of the best and most informative books I've read of late.  In it Mr. Glover is attempting to give Christians a firmer grasp of exactly what science is and is not.  What it speaks to and what it can't.  He also makes the case that the creation is indeed very old...billions of years old.  He also contrasts the views the young earth/anti-evolution and old earth/pro-evolution have concerning the data we have before us.  He does an excellent job of showing the inconsistences
in the YEC/anti-evolution position and how this view does not even come close to explaining the data.  Additionally, his take on the opening chapters in Genesis is very straight forward and very true to the text and the historical situation and worldview of the people it was originally written to.

While Mr. Glover is a Protestant he holds many views on scripture that would fit comfortably in any Orthodox writing.  I highly recommend everyone pickup this book and give it a read.  It's only about 200 pages long and is an easy read. Here ( is a link to his website for this book.  Also, he has a series of Youtube videos covering many of these topics.  They are excellent.  You can find them by searching his name on Youtube or on his webpage go to PAGES-VIDEO PRESENTATIONS and they'll show up in a popout.