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The Origin of Christian Doctrine
« on: August 05, 2009, 05:55:28 PM »
After debating with Protestants over the years,even before I ever considered becoming Orthodox,I started to theologically think "out-of -the-box" so to speak,and to think through some of the premises of why I was, for years, a Baptist,or why I became Presbyterian,and one of the premises that I believe Protestants hold to,is that the formulation of doctrine some how came about by the Scriptures themselves, and what I mean by that is,the Early Church got together in some council,sat down and gathered all the writings of the Apostles that were being circulated,and decided that they needed some kind of "Theological Constitution", They also decided that whatever the Apostles delivered orally would be trumped by whatever was actually written down. And all that was being taught in each individual church was to be put aside,in favor  of this new "Canon law" ,that being Scripture alone!!!

This sounds obserd to one who is familiar with the history of the Church,this was not possible for at least three to four-hundred years after the last Apostle died,of course if they had lived in our day with the internet,fax machines,and the printing press,this would have been an easy task. So with this premise in hand ,each Protestant group debates back and forth,back and forth,using just the Scriptures, telling everyone,that their brand of Christianity is the Truth,and as for the Early Church Fathers,well they have their favorites,Augustine,Ambrose,Chrysostum,and others,but that's their problem,they usually focus on just one Father,instead of taking them as a WHOLE! And because of this,they usually pick and choose from the Father's, what they think agrees with the presuppositions and biases they adhere too.

I think in concluding one thing that I've had to trust in is Faith, Faith that says God, in some way, preserved what was once delivered to the saints,through the "laying on of hands",entrusted to the care of the Church,and her leaders to faithfully preserve this "Faith" this way of life. And that any other faith,regardless of how sincere,is to be measured by this Faith,and  anything else is just "Hearsay" or should I say "Heresy".
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