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The PSCA and the anti-ROCOR schism in the USA
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The PSCA and the anti-ROCOR schism in the USA
 In contrast to the Australian situation, the main schismatic body in America, is an organization know as the PSCA or Provsional Supreme Church Authority. What is the PSCA and who is in charge?

The PSCA was formed by Bishop Agafangel of Odessa (Ukraine), the only ROCOR bishop who chose not to go along with the reconciliation with the MP. Agafangel had earlier refused to be transfered to South America and following May 2007, began actively organizing a schism. He was suspended that same month by the ROCOR Synod for his schismatic activities. Also suspended with him was Abbot Andronik Kotliaroff (pictured above), head of the Russian Ecclesiastic Mission in Jerusalem. Agafangel then carried out the consecration of Abbot Andronik as the so-called "Bishop of Richmond Hill and New York" marking the final break of the new schismatic group from ROCOR.

On September 4th, 2008, the PSCA received into its communion two bishops from the Sekachev branch of the Russian Catacomb Church. There was considerable debate over the status of the two bishops received and the canonicity of their ordinations. On November 19, 2008, the Provisional Supreme Church Authority called what it termed the 5th All-Diaspora Council (in reference to the 4th All-Diaspora Council of the ROCOR which overwhelmingly supported reconciliation with the Moscow Patriarchate). Among other decisions, the council elevated Agafangel to the rank of Metropolitan.

Critics have accused Agafangel of political motives. In December 2006, Archimandrite Benjamin (Trepaliuk) accused Agafangel of a "pathological hatred of Russia, its authorities, and its people" and of collaborating with the American Central Intelligence Agency. Archimandrite Benjamin claimed that Agafangel believes the CIA to be "the most human organization in the world", which "cares for the good of all people." Others point to the suspended bishop's friendship with John Herbst, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, as "ties with the US State Department," as well as his active support of the administration of Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko, seen by many Russians as a "CIA puppet."

There is much evidence of CIA involvement in the PSCA and none more so obvious than virulently anti-Russian blogs of their late ideological spokesman Dr Eugene Magerovsky (pictured left). Magerovsky was openly and proudly a longtime CIA agent and a vocal supporter and apologist for the Agafangelite movement. His contempt for modern Russia was legendary as was his inability to accept that the Cold War had indeed finished in 1991. Today his work is continued in other blogs of so-called "ROCOR refugees" who continue to demonize and slander the ROCOR/MP and Russia in general. The PSCA has not been able to get a foothold in Australia and the only ex-ROCOR clergyman to join them has been former Canberra deacon Basil Yakimov.
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