Author Topic: Possible solution to North American jurisdictions and the EP?  (Read 837 times)

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Several weeks ago, I was sitting talking to a couple Orthodox about the situation in America with jurisdictions and the Ecumencial Patriarch-Moscow Patriarch-Metropolitan Jonah debate that has gone on about it....

One of the men (an ordained man to remain anonymous in name and title/position) said that in his opinion, a solution to the problem we currently have, is to do something that many people may find controversial...

Sending the Ecumencial Patriarch into exile from the Phanar district of Istanbul, and sending him and the Patriarchate to New York City or Washington D.C. The jurisdictions in the United States would then remain under his supervision, as well as his other jurisdictions currently under his leadership/guidance.
Eventually, if the Patriarchate is then moved back to Istanbul, or even to Greece, the U.S. jurisdictions would then receive autocephaly.

Now, I must admit that I added a lot of the above details to his suggestion (which constituted of just exiling to N.A. and making him head of churches here). I also must say that personally, I personally will let the Church decide how to solve it and don't subscribe to any method, just though this was an interesting idea.