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Re: Cell phones in church
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I think that there is way too much rudeness and lack of consideration on the part of many of the cell phone users. I mean if I am on a bus or train trying to read an article, do I really have to listen to the latest loud tantrum about how the credit card companies have cut off her use of the card, or to the latest gossip about the pregnancy of some single mother of bad reputation, etc.? How about giving people a break with all of the stupid loud and annoying talk that we have to suffer through. 

I agree, Stanley. Sometimes it reaches heights of complete absurdity, even. The worst case was once, a few years ago, I was on a city bus and we were caught in some traffic. The bus driver was carrying on a very loud, robust conversation on his cellphone with a friend of his-going into great details about his love life, etc. At one point he proclaimed to his friend, " but I am a VERY private person!". Everyone around me rolled their eyes humorously and I tried to stifle the urge to burst out laughing...cinema-worthy! ::)

Knowing me, I probably would have deadpanned, in front of everyone, "Oh Baby, tell us more." :D
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