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My Experience During Today's Kneeling Prayers Service
« on: June 07, 2009, 11:45:51 AM »
I offer below an account of my experience during today's Pentecostal Kneeling Prayers service. My experience today was such that I did not feel I could do it justice by narrating in plain prose. I felt compelled (for I did not consciously formulate the intention) to attempt poetry (if it can even be called that) because, no matter how self-evidently poor my poetic skills may be, I could find no other way to approximate the sublimity of what I felt today.

O Paraclete, Spirit of truth;
Hear my cry, And please accept my humble testimony to Your Goodness,
Even though I testify neither as a teacher, nor as a Saint;
For as a sinner made worthy of the Grace of the Jordan over which your divine wings fluttered;
And as one sealed by the Chrism of Your Holy Church which was born of Fire this precious day;
I speak as one indebted to Your pitiful Mercy;
For like the Samaritan woman, I have been visited by both Spirit and Truth;
Although neither You nor He were invited to the habitation of my heart,
Nor was there anything about this shabby residence worthy of attracting Your most honourable visitations.
And although not worthy of comparison to she who was deemed worthy to be called ‘the enlightened one,’ You convict me with a sense of obligation and duty to share with the village of this world the Goodness that has visited me this very day;
And so Good Lord, as I believe, wherefore I speak.

In shame I concede that for a lifetime my soul earnestly ran from the majestic trumpet of Your call;
I could not bear its awesome splendour, on account of my sins.
To assist my abandonment of the Divine Mission entrusted to me, the Deceiver offered me an illusive escape on the wheels of the world which he spins at the speed of light that I may escape the haunting sirens of the sonic vibes of your Divine call.

But the foolishness of the Deceiver is exposed;
For Your sound is not of this world;
Its speed defies the earth's laws.
And so it was, that without the slightest struggle or effort, the Mighty Wind of Your call overtook me;
And reversing its direction up against my path of destruction, it brought me to a halt.
Afraid and bewildered, I looked to my left and to my right for any other means of escape, only to find myself entrapped in a circle of tongues of fire.

I tried to stand a first time, but at the solemn cry of the Angel’s representative, “Worship God in fear and trembling,” I was brought to my knees.
Through the sacred chants of Your Holy Minister, the sublime mysteries of Your Divine Person were disclosed.
At the proclamation of Your eternal nature, and the incomprehensibility of the Light in which you dwell, my soul bowed disheartened, only to be raised in hope by the reminder that through the Holy Pentecost You nevertheless made Your creation a worthy repository of Your infinite Grace.

And so in excitement, I raised my head, and stood;
But seeing that I had not yet been humbled enough, the Angel’s representative cried out again, saying, “Worship God in fear and trembling!”
And with the roar of Your mighty wind once more, I was brought to my knees a second time.
And again, through the sacred chants of Your Holy Minister, the glorious narrative of the Divine Pentecost unfolded even further;
I was reminded not to feel threatened by Your Fire, for You came in such form not that you should destroy me, but that You should consume my sins, enlighten the darkness of my ignorance with the light of Divine thoughts, and perfect me. 

This time, I did not merely stand up in the manner I did the first time;
Rather, being inspired by overwhelming confidence, I leapt to my feet;
But again, seeing that I was being premature in my enthusiasm, you signalled for the Angel's representative to cry out a last time, “Worship God in fear and trembling!”
And with the roar of Your mighty wind once more, I was brought to my knees a third time.
And again, through the sacred chants of Your Holy Minister, You concluded the revelation of Your Mysteries for this blessed day;
This time you thought it fit to remind me of the destiny to which You ultimately call me, that I may appreciate and thereby co-operate with the frightening force with which you seek to encourage my return.

Again, I got on my feet and stood before You;
With my head slightly bowed, I did not dare this time to be cocky, but prepared myself to be humbled once more.
But You deemed it enough for me this day, and through the blessings of Your Holy Minister you cleansed and raised my heart thrice through a triple absolution corresponding to the three times you humbled my heart to its knees and enlightened it with Your Divine reproof.

Then, and only then did you calm the mighty roar of your winds, and deem it the appropriate time to dismiss me in peace;
Seeing that You had armed me with the Grace to return home to Your calling, with hope, encouragement and a new understanding.

Glory be to Holy Trinity.
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