Author Topic: The Fall of Constantinople, May 29, 1453  (Read 15174 times)

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Re: The Fall of Constantinople, May 29, 1453
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That would be both Greek Orthodox and Greek Cathoilics

It's interesting, though---Constantine XI died in full communion with Rome. So it is possible to be a saint in Orthodoxy while being in communion with Rome post-schism?

I don't think he is an official saint. He certainly died a heroic death and many do venerate him as a saint, but I don't think he has feast day or was ever glorified. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Perhaps. Does anyone know who Emperor Constantine the New, venerated on the Greek calendar on Sept 3/16 is?
And no. Constantine XI who was willing to sell out the Faith for a kingdom of this world is not remembered by the Church as a saint.
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