Author Topic: Priest who broke celibacy vow joins Episcopal Church  (Read 27783 times)

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Re: Priest who broke celibacy vow joins Episcopal Church
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"Paphnutius, so certain ancient authors tell us, earnestly entreated his fellow-bishops not to impose this obligation on the orders of the clergy concerned. He proposed, in accordance "with the ancient tradition of the Church", that only those who were celibates at the time of ordination should continue to observe continence, but, on the other hand, that "none should be separated from her, to whom, while yet unordained, he had been united". The great veneration in which he was held, and the well known fact that he had himself observed the strictest chastity all his life, gave weight to his proposal, which was unanimously adopted. The [Nicene] council left it to the discretion of the married clergy to continue or discontinue their marital relations. In addition, Paphnutius was a zealous defender of Orthodoxy in the face of the Arian heresy."

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Re: Priest who broke celibacy vow joins Episcopal Church
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Don't forget the accent on the "e"


People in the Hispanic community that he served pretty much knew he was looking into the Episcopal Church. He even alluded to it during an interview. The lady he is courting is Latin American of Greek descent. Nothing novel.

Interesting, and telling, then that he went Episcopalian and not Orthodox.

Maybe the fact that he would not be able to be a priest since his girlfriend is divorced helped him make the decision (in EO, it has to be one marriage for both the husband and wife).  Also, if he was involved in an affair, that would cause a major problem too.