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Orthodox Social Outreach
« on: May 14, 2009, 08:50:17 AM »
For my Social Ethics class I had to come up with an "online" project for orthodox social outreach.  So I decided to make a web-site which would take all of the GOA churches that HAVE web-sites, and HAVE online listings of ministries, and post them all on one site, which can be searched and categorized.  That way someone who is looking for a children's ministry in their area can go to my site and click on "childrens ministries" and see all of the churches that have such ministries, and then see where they are, etc.  Also a person can go to the "tags" section and search by city or state (area). 

I tried to keep the site strictly based on "links" and "online resources" because if I called every single parish in the archdiocese and made a full list of ministries, i'd probably never finish.  Also, I had a problem categorizing which ministries were "strictly outreach" and which ministries were more "general"....and in the end that's how I categorized them. 

Right now, I finished one diocese (Archdiocesan District), and plan on finishing at least 2-3 other diocese over the summer, and then the rest whenever it is that I figure out what i'm doing with the rest of my life. 

I am posting this here for several reasons:

I could really use some feedback as to how useable it is, if people like it, don't like it, what to add, take away, etc. 

I want to provide this resource for people on the site who could really use it

I am also wondering if anyone would like to partner up with me on this and maybe help me do a metropolis or two.  You can of course PM me about this if you want.