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ROC is going to lift the anathema to Ivan Mazepa

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Wonderful news, warms my Ukrainian heart.:)

A representative of ROC said during a press-conference that the anathema, issued in 1709, was a purely political thing and is going to be lifted.

(Ivan Mazepa was the Het'man - supreme military commander and also civic administrator - of Ukraine in the late 1600-s - early 1700-s. In 1709, fearing the rise of Muscovite absolutism with its barbaric oppression of his Ukrainian people, Mazepa made a secret deal with the Swedish king Charles XII to support him militalily when his army was on the Ukrainian soil. After the bitter - and very unfortunate for Ukrainians - defeat of the Swedish army at Poltava, Mazepa fled to Bessarabia and shortly died there. Mazepa was an unprecedented philantropist and Orthodox church builder; his personal money was used to build at least 35 major churches in Ukraine, and two major Spiritual Academies. He is very highly venerated by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) and by the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.) 

Fr. George:
This is Babelfish's best effort at translating the link.  Could someone edit this to make it a bit more readable?

--- Quote ---Anathema from the hetman of Ivan [Mazepy] can be taken, when orthodoxy will cease to be “political” - [UPTS] [MP]
proUA/01.05.2009 11:28

From the hetman of Ivan [Mazepy] can be taken the anathema, if around this question political disputes end.

On this at the press conference in Kiev stated the head of the division of external church connections of the Ukrainian orthodox church of Moscow patriarchy ([UPTS] [MP]) it [arkhimandrit] Cyril, previously also declared about the support to the Ukrainization also “of project the Ukraine”.

“Still metropolitan [Kievskiy] and Galacian Antonius [Khrapovitskiy] at the beginning of the 20th century said that, most likely, the hetman Of [mazepa] was devoted to anathema on the political motives”, said it [arkhimandrit] Cyril.

He noted that in the bosom [RPTS] was created the special commission, which examines this question and it is ready to make the decision, when it is ceased political disputes around the hetman Of [mazepy]. [Arkhimandrit] Cyril it also again condemned the facts of the manifestation so of that called “political of orthodoxy”. “This when the specific political or public forces use for their purposes church [atributiku]”, he said.

“Some political forces walk with cross motions under the political slogans on [Pecherske] or ul Of [grushevskogo]”, it added it [arkhimandrit], obviously, having in mind the actions of orthodox brotherhood against the entrance of the Ukraine in NATO.

Furthermore, at the press conference taken place on Thursday the representative OF [UPTS] [MP] stated that a name of the last tsar of the Russian Empire of Nikolai THE II sometimes use with the disturbance of the respect of holiness of the personality of tsar as [strastoterptsa]. “There are some radial forces in Russia, and in the Ukraine, which place it almost in one row with Christ. Such views, in the essence, exist heretical. They were condemned By [arkhiereyskim] synod”, it noted.

According to him, Nikolai OF THE II was [kanonizirovan] by the Russian Orthodox Church ([RPTS]) not as the tsar, but as men, who accepted to himself sufferings as martyr as [strastoterpets] for Vera [Khristova].

Based on materials: “New region”
--- End quote ---

Some info about Ivan Stepanovych Mazepa here:

Interestingly, Otaman Kost' Hordienko, mentioned in the above essay, was a Scotsman by birth (lord William Ashbliss).

Just read about the panikhida for him performed by an UOC (in Ukraine) archbishop.


--- Quote from: Michał Kalina on March 22, 2013, 02:39:08 PM ---Just read about the panikhida for him performed by an UOC (in Ukraine) archbishop.

--- End quote ---

Is that UOC-MP? Do you have a link, or where did you read it?

I wonder, was the anathema officially lifted?


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