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Make exhibition of Orthodox pictures in your city!
« on: May 01, 2009, 08:25:53 AM »
Exhibition in my city

If you have checked our shedule and there is no your city on list, you can help exhibition to  be delivered to your town

It could be done in two ways:

1. You can ask the local organiser (check on contact page local organizer for your country) to be incuded in the shedule and agree on dates

You will be  responsible to deliver the exhibiton, organize pklace invite guests and take care about photos. More details you will receive from local organizer.

2. You can make a new version of the exhibition

Send email and you will receive detailed instructions. There are two options: one is to receive CD with original file for printing and second is to ask local organizer to help with printing.

here you have table with  prices for printing in Poland were we can print and than organize delivering.  Prices are approximate and without costs of transport.

type of exhibition    price in EURO
 a4 (20x30 cm printed on paper)     100 EURO
 a3 (30x40 cm printed on paper)     175 EURO
 a3 (30x40 cm printed on foam)     750 EURO
a3 (30x40 cm printed on plastic)     900 EURO

There is some more options - we can discuss about if you will be interested to know them.

If there is no olocal organizer in your country please write to this address and we will think what is possible to do to bring exhibition to your place:

It will be made in 7 cities in Poland, Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia by now. Why not in the US?

more details:
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