What services does your Church do on Holy Wednesday?  (Chose one of the first two options, one of the middle two, and one of the last three)

Morning: Presanctified Liturgy
20 (27.8%)
Morning: Nothing, or Other (please specify)
3 (4.2%)
Afternoon: Unction
5 (6.9%)
Afternoon: Nothing, or Other (please specify)
7 (9.7%)
Evening: Unction
24 (33.3%)
Evening: Orthros/Matins/"Bridegroom" (with or without anointing)
12 (16.7%)
Evening: Nothing, or Other (please specify)
1 (1.4%)

Total Members Voted: 34

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Re: Holy Wednesday Practices
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It's traditions,,the ancient way.That people were familiar with for century's ...now certain services are omitted or replaced or shortened,,,,,Maybe this is the beginning of the great falling away that begins first on the clergy level and then infects the lay people that Holy Scripture warns us about....Even the Blessed Lord says when he comes back will he find any faith left....

Strictly speaking of the "ancient way", the Eucharist used to be celebrated just by the reading of Scriptures and the reception of the Holy Gifts, and now look what the Liturgy has become.

I also don't think the clergy shorten or replace services out of disrespect. There's just a trade-off. In my church, we do Unction on Wednesday and don't serve the matins of Holy Thursday at all. If it's apostasy to skip services, then I guess we should all live in monasteries, where there's a full cycle of services.
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