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AMERICANS: Please vote tomorrow!


Nigula Qian Zishi:
Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear American posters and lurkers of this board, tomorrow is voting day. A day where we get a chance to select the best person for the jobs of congressman, senator, governor and other positions.

Remember that we are held accountable for voting, and that we have a chance to make real change tomorrow. With a change in the ruling party of the senate, the hundreds of judicial nominations (many blocked by Democrats because they are pro-life) can go through. Can you imagine the gradual change made by pro-life judges in disctrict counrts and other federal courts including the supreme court?

Personaly, I think voting pro-life is the number one concern. I'd hate to have to face God and try to explain why I voted for someone who kept abortions legal. Although a Republican simple majority will not make abortion legal over night, it will enable a slow process of chipping away at abortion's legality.

Now I will step off my soap box. God Bless you and guide you as you vote.

Nigula Qian Zishi:
Today is the day, go do your duty to God and Country and vote please, all ye Americans! God Bless!


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